The Truth About Life

Life is a fragile journey and its end is uncertain.

There’s a chance you may not make it every single day;
you leave the house and may never get back in
you get in a car and you may never come out of it alive
you go to school and the building may collapse with you in it
you get on a plane and it may crash before it gets to its destination
you walk to the corner store and you may get shot at in a drive-by
you say goodbye to your son in the morning and you may never see him again

There’s also a chance you get to celebrate your 100th birthday;
you witness all your kids get married
you visit all the countries you want to
you get to cross off all the items off your bucket list
you get to accomplish everything you ever wanted
 you get to see your grandchildren and great-grandchildren
you never get in an accident and you never witness a plane crash

Life is a fragile journey and its end is uncertain but it can be longer in what lives on after you’re gone, through the things you did and the lives you touched while you were alive.

Mariam Shittu