It’s Okay Not To Be Okay

Sometimes, everything hits you all at once. You lose your job, your relationship, a friend, a business opportunity, someone you really love… Or everything seems to be going according to plan; you finally landed that job, you got your dream car, you just got married but you aren’t happy and you can’t understand why. You struggle with everything and you don’t even know who you are anymore. You are in that phase where you are just floating, living and existing. Happy and going out today, sad and staying indoors eating junk tomorrow and you can’t seem to place what is wrong. 

The feeling I described above is “normal”. No one is OKAY every single day of every year and that is okay. It’s okay not to be okay, it’s okay to feel stuck, it’s okay to feel something is off. It’s part of life, living and existing. 

When you feel this way, know that it is normal and not a sign of weakness. We are all imperfect humans. Speak to someone, cry; let it all out, pray, do the things you love. Don’t sulk in it and bottle everything in, because that only does more harm than good. Don’t be afraid to let people know you and see the real you. Seek help and never give up. There’s always someone ready to help, you only need to ask.

Jessie J couldn’t have said it better in her song “Who You Are”.  Tears don’t mean you’re losing, everybody’s bruising, just be true to who you are”. 

I’ve had several low moments and I don’t have a particular thing that always works but whenever I feel this way, I do a bunch of things which include; writing, reading, watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S, sharing my feelings with a friend or family, cooking or learning something new. The moment passes soon after. 

Have you ever felt stuck? how do you get out of this phase when you are? 

Mariam Shittu