The Social Media World

In the social media world,
24 hours is considered an eternity
1,000 likes feel like you won the lottery
and 10,000 followers make you a hotshot

In the social media world,
lies and pretences take centre stage
you can be a role model easily
but a nobody in reality

In the social media world,
you’re best friends with people you’ve never met
a repost from a huge brand makes your entire month
and sharing the personal events of your life makes you famous

We stare at our phones all day ignoring the real world 
is it a disease or an addiction?
whatever it is, the social media world
has become an integral part of the life we live now

As much as social media is a good source of information and a good platform to grow your brand and business, it also has its adverse effects. How do you manage them?

Mariam Shittu

18 thoughts on “The Social Media World

  1. I take time off social media, especially when it becomes addictive! I don’t like things controlling me, so I divert my time and energy to something more productive.

  2. This is so powerful and thought provoking- and extremely relevant to the time we live in. Thanks for sharing, Mariam. ALWAYS love hearing your thoughts.

  3. Social media has taken over everything to such some peoples lives are empty without it but people should stop being consumed by social media and just find a way of managing their time.

  4. Great post. Honestly, I don’t like going on social media. There are months were I don’t go on any social media including YouTube. It has its cons and pros but people are too wired to their phones that they don’t even have time to accomplish their goals. Social media is just highlights of people’s lives. Everyone is going through something but what is portrayed on social media is not equivalent at all. I manage my time on social media by having days when I can go on. For instance, Monday-Thursday and Sunday’s are no social media days. They are time designed for my goals and spending more time in the word of God. Friday and Saturday, I can go on but I put a limit to my time on there. The people who created these social media handles had a purpose. While they were working on creating these gigs, we were sleeping and while they are enjoying, we are sleeping on our goals and dreams. Time is an essence and those who waste it can never blame anyone for not using it wisely.

    1. Girl, you actually have social media days?! that’s huge. I use social media to promote my work and business so I can’t stay off for too long but I monitor my usage often and sometimes when I think I’ve had enough, I delete the apps and add them back after a couple of days.

      1. Lol yes I have days and it’s helped me a lot to stay focused on my goals. It’s always good to take breaks and rest. Have a lovely day Mariam 😊

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