FITNESS|Quick Guide: Running 

If you don’t know the benefits of running/walking, get in here!!!!

1. It enhances your sense of well-being.
2. It improves muscle strength.
3. It reduces the risks of heart disease.
4. It helps maintain a healthy weight.
5. You have a big chance at 100% fat burn. Burning fat is way better than burning calories!!!

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My Blogging Journey so far, Sunshine & Mystery Blogger Awards 

I started blogging simply because I wanted to try writing as a means of discovering myself. It has been a surreal experience so far meeting different people from different countries. Blogging has made me grow in terms of my writing and expressions and I’m glad I’m doing this. Currently, I have 79 followers and not […]

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STYLE|Show Stopper Shimmer Dress

This post is dedicated to my only ankle length black shimmering dress. It took a while for me to decide on a title to this post and this is the best I could come up with so don’t judge me.

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POEM|You Don’t Know Me

Do you know me
I know you don’t…

Can you guess what I’m thinking
I bet you can’t… 

I am smiling and laughing
But I am unhappy on the inside…

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PHOTOGRAPHY|Appreciating Nature

We don’t appreciate nature as much as we should. There are so many beautiful things around us if only we took the time to notice them.

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A New Beginning 

Daybreak Sunrise Sunset Another daybreak a new beginning… A new day A new week  A new month A new year a new beginning… Summer Fall Winter Spring a new beginning… I like him He likes me We like each other I think I’m in love a new beginning… After a few dates After many months […]

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BEAUTY|Zaron Healthy Glow Foundation : Review

Zaron is a global cosmetics brand and their products are specially formulated for the black skin tone. Zaron Cosmetics is the only Nigerian beauty brand I patronize. I use their Eyeliner Pencils(their colours really pop), Eye Brow Definer and their Concealer but I had never tried anything they have for the whole face. I’ve also […]

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Be Thankful…

“The person who has stopped being thankful has fallen asleep in life” – Robert Louis Stevenson First off, let the quote above sink in… To be thankful is to be pleased/to express gratitude. We tend to take many things for granted and we forget to be thankful for what we have. We also keep asking […]

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STYLE|Trending: V-neck Ruffle Tie Waist Blouse

I’m sure by now every girl that follows fashion trends has seen, admired and probably owns this blouse or a version of it. This loose but form fitting pretty blouse. It comes in different styles from plain to plaid, stripe and patterned. I came across this blouse online in February/March but I started admiring it […]

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But First, Tea

For some reason I thought I had written about my love for tea and how much it means to me but I still hadn’t and I wondered why. So, I decided to. Everyone who knows me knows how much tea is a part of me. I started taking tea when I was really little with […]

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POEM|In My Thoughts

I’m lonely
I’m lost
I’m sad
I’m bitter

I sit
I stand
I wonder
I ponder

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