PHOTOGRAPHY|Appreciating Nature

We don’t appreciate nature as much as we should. There are so many beautiful things around us if only we took the time to notice them.

I went for a walk on Thursday(22/06/27) and I decided to take it very slow. I’ve not run in almost 30 days and I’m gradually prepping myself for next week when I get back to my regular routine. It’s totally true you see more if you walk than run by. So I thought to myself why not take photos of the beautiful things you see during this walk instead of just walking slowly by.

The first photo I took is of my neighbour’s plants. I see her tend to them every morning when I’m driving out but I had never taken a close look. She’s always either cutting something, clearing a path or watering them. I admire how much she cares for them.

Does anyone know what these are? If it’s some type of tea, I’m gonna go be a nosy neighbour and ask for some

In my neighborhood, every house pretty much has a flower bed or carpet grass. Most people have it as decoration and not everyone tends to them or even remember to water their flowers. So it means a lot to me that she does.

As soon as I started taking photos, I got excited. It had been a while I took abstract photos which is the type of photos I truly appreciate. I talked about my passion for photography in my Photos & Me post. I took everything and anything from houses to trees, flowers, rubbish. The photos will definitely last me for a long time.

Usually during my runs or walks, I breeze past people and I never notice them but this day, oh my Lord; the comments, winks and stares were too much😩🙈. I guess it was that bad because I was taking pictures. They were wondering what I was doing and someone even posed while I was taking a photo like I was even trying to snap him in the first place.

I decided to play around with the photos I took and share a few of them with everyone. I’m still learning so would like to know what you all think.







There’s something magical and special about nature. I hope you can see it too.

Thanks for reading.
Mariam Shittu

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  1. I love taking pictures too, especially if I can make them look magical and a bit fairy-tale like. Great post and lovely pictures, really gives a sense of what your daily route looks like 🙂

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