POEM|You Don’t Know Me

Do you know me
I know you don’t 

Can you guess what I’m thinking

I bet you can’t 

I am smiling and laughing

But I am unhappy on the inside

I tell you to make a choice 

But you choose my least favourite

You want me to go out

But I’d rather be in bed

You want me to play video games

But I’d rather read a book

You want me to stop work 

But I’d rather have my own self accomplishment 

You can’t comprehend why my family is always in the picture 

But family means everything to me

You want us to eat out

But I’d rather order take out

You want me to hang out with your friends

But I’d rather stay home and watch TV

I wish I could be what you desire

But I can’t change for you

You prefer another version of me

But I can’t be who I am not

I try to explain how I feel

But you say you don’t wanna fight me

You claim to love me

But you don’t even know me

You don’t know me

So I guess you don’t deserve me

Written by Mariam Shittu

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