POEM|In My Thoughts

I’m lonely
I’m lost
I’m sad
I’m bitter

I sit 
I stand
I wonder
I ponder

What’s life without anger?
What’s life without mistakes?
Where’s everyone when you need them?
Where’s my happily ever after?

With guilt
With remorse
With yearning
With hope

Am I fat?
Am I losing weight?
Am I still the same?
Am I still pretty?

The lies
The pretense
The fear of shame
The desire to be great

Is this real?
Is this me?
Is this for me?
Is this meant to be?

I will be successful 
I will be great
I will be content
I will be happy

Because that’s what I deserve

Mariam Shittu 

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Hi, my name is Mariam Shittu and I live in Lagos, Nigeria. I write about my travels, living in Lagos, lifestyle, health and fitness, things that inspire me and poetry. I enjoy sharing my knowledge with the world and nurturing the human mind. Thanks for stopping by!

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