BEAUTY|Zaron Healthy Glow Foundation : Review

Zaron is a global cosmetics brand and their products are specially formulated for the black skin tone. Zaron Cosmetics is the only Nigerian beauty brand I patronize.

I use their Eyeliner Pencils(their colours really pop), Eye Brow Definer and their Concealer but I had never tried anything they have for the whole face. I’ve also heard they have really good lipsticks and lipstains. Their products are reasonably priced which is definitely a plus.

Prior to my purchase of this Zaron foundation, I had only ever worn foundation from two other brands all my life.

•Mary Kay Medium-coverage Foundation in 507 and 500/ Mary Kay Timewise Matte-wear Liquid Foundation in bronze 1
•Mac studio fix foundation in NC 45

I’ve stuck with Mary Kay over the years though.

In my makeup routine post, you will find the Zaron products I use regularly mentioned above. Anyway, so when I came across this foundation I was skeptical because I don’t like putting new products on my face. However, I decided to give it a try.

I had a battle figuring out what colour to stick with. I first tried the FZ10 it was too light then FZ20 it was too dark. So I figured FZ15 would be okay. But it took me a while to jell with this foundation. I have since given my mum the FZ10 and my sister the FZ15. Trying to initiate the family too 😂.

A perfect blend

This has been my foundation for three months now. Yes from trying it out, I stuck with it and here’s why;

•Its a full coverage foundation

•I love the bronze undertone it gives my face

•It has a really nice fragrance

•You don’t need to apply too much as it easily evens over the face. This took some getting used to😂

•Guess what? It also doesn’t leave your face oily which is the problem I had with the mac foundation

•It has SPF 30- sun protection is necessary where I live

•It leaves the skin glowing

•It is reliable and affordable

The only con to this product is that it looks too bright when freshly applied on the face but after blending it properly the brightness wears off. This is probably why it took me some time to jell with it.

Check out that glow…
I added eyeliner, mascara and lip stain to give my face a little lift.

I normally apply powder over it but in these photos I don’t have powder on and it looks good. Hmmn, maybe I should go about my day like this.

I’m gradually becoming a Zaron girl. I should try their pressed powder next.

Have you tried any Zaron products? What are your thoughts?

Thanks for reading.

Mariam Shittu

20 thoughts on “BEAUTY|Zaron Healthy Glow Foundation : Review

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  1. Thanks for the review, it just helped doused my fear…. just got the FZ20 foundation, been wondering if I got my skin match (I use MaryKay 607)

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    1. Hi, I feel FZ20 is still on the light side and will work better with someone that uses 507 because that is what my sister uses atm. Although ideally it should be for someone that uses Marykay 600. So I suggest you go to a zaron studio for assistance or more info.


  2. I use their eye liners(blue,green,black), brow definer and lipsticks but I’ve never tried their powder or foundation. This looks good on you so I’m definitely gonna check it out. Nice !

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