My Wellness Tips

Hello guys, today I'm sharing the basic things I do to keep me on a healthy and steady path. The following are My Wellness Tips; 1. Drinking 3-5 Litres of Water 2. Eating Fruits and Vegetables 3. Exercising 4. Getting Enough Sleep 5. Maintaining A Healthy Diet & Portion Control 6. Drinking Tea DRINKING 3-5 … Continue reading My Wellness Tips

Switch up: Denim & Stripes

TGIF! Today's style post is a switch up. I turned my denim shirt into a different top entirely and paired it with an almost abandoned striped maxi skirt. The denim shirt has been with me for a while. I can't remember exactly how long ago I bought it but it's always with me whenever I'm … Continue reading Switch up: Denim & Stripes

Places in Lagos|Utopia

Utopia is a restaurant located in Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria. As soon as you walk in, the energy and spirit is contagious. The restaurant has a really cool ambience and different sitting areas; by the bar with high chairs, in the main hall, a chilled area towards the back with low chairs and couches and … Continue reading Places in Lagos|Utopia

In The Colours Of The Sky

The off shoulder trend has been in for some time now and it doesn't look like it's going anywhere anytime soon. There are so many ad ons and variations of the trend that make the style look extra pretty just like this top I have on. It has a pretty bow right in the center and bell sleeves with a band.

FITNESS|Why Exercise ? 

Right from when we were young, we had PE(Physical Education) or GYM classes and we were taught different forms of exercises. We even enjoyed the classes because they were outside the classroom and we got to play. However, most of us grew up neglecting our bodies and not even participating in any form of sports … Continue reading FITNESS|Why Exercise ? 

PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT|Finding Strength from Weakness

My name is Mariam and I'm a soft spoken person. I struggled with being confident growing up because I considered my voice a weakness. I couldn't initiate conversations or impact decisions. I was mostly mute and always in the corner, often forgotten.

STYLE|One Top, Two Ways

Today's post is all about styling.  The way a piece of clothing (top, skirt, jacket, pants, dress) is styled can make it look totally different. If you didn't know then get in here! I'm sharing two ways I styled a pretty pink top. I've always liked dressing up and I was one of those people … Continue reading STYLE|One Top, Two Ways