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Month: August 2017

Through The Storm 

The loss of her boyfriend
Made her fear for her life
She was on the run
For she knew she was next

POEM|Back Here

I’ve been here before
I promised myself I would never be here again
But here I am 

Back here…

A place I’m ashamed to be
A place I know I’m not ready for
A place I can’t be who I am

Back here…

In The Colours Of The Sky

The off shoulder trend has been in for some time now and it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere anytime soon. There are so many ad ons and variations of the trend that make the style look extra pretty just like this top I have on. It has a pretty bow right in the center and bell sleeves with a band.

POEM|A Day At The Beach

I stand at the beach
Sand in my feet

The sun is shining bright
It’s such a beautiful sight

I stand at the beach
Water over my feet

The sea is…

PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT|Finding Strength from Weakness

My name is Mariam and I’m a soft spoken person. I struggled with being confident growing up because I considered my voice a weakness. I couldn’t initiate conversations or impact decisions. I was mostly mute and always in the corner, often forgotten.

POEM|In Another Life

On a cold night
After a long day

Back here
Wishing she was miles away

Whispers of the wind
Hiding her tears

Caught in a haze
Wishing to go ablaze