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Today’s post is all about styling.  The way a piece of clothing (top, skirt, jacket, pants, dress) is styled can make it look totally different. If you didn’t know then get in here! I’m sharing two ways I styled a pretty pink top.

pink 3

I’ve always liked dressing up and I was one of those people that whenever I went on holiday abroad in uni, I was mostly bothered about filling my box with new clothes. I didn’t pay much attention to how to style them. I had a classmate that always looked good. She was a perpetual late comer and as soon as she walks in, the whole class was always distracted. I noticed she used to repeat a lot of pieces but she styled them differently each time and made them look like something else entirely. I thought she had a huge talent. Tayo (incase you get to read this) you inspired me big time.

Anyway back to my outfits. The pretty pink top is from one of my favorite stores to shop and I chose it because it’s a really bright shade of pink, it’s flowery and has a summer vibe to it. It’s also see through so that’s an extra bonus.

The first look is a casual. I wore a black tube underneath the top and paired it with black high waisted denim pants and black flats.

Version 2

pink 1

The second look is workchic. I wore a white tank top underneath the top which gave it a totally different look. Then I paired it with a black high waisted fitted skirt and black with nude fur sandals.

pink 7

pink 6

pink 8
Such an art lover

From these two looks, you can see the top looks different. The white contrasting colour underneath made the top look easier on the eye and work appropriate in the second look. You don’t have to keep buying similar pieces you just need to learn how to style your clothes better.

Try something new this weekend.

Outfit Details:

Top ~ Boohoo

Pants ~ Topshop

Skirt ~ Mattalan

Shoes ~ Zara

Purse ~ Tommy Hilfiger

Mariam Shittu

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