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Utopia is a restaurant located in Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria. As soon as you walk in, the energy and spirit is contagious. The restaurant has a really cool ambience and different sitting areas; by the bar with high chairs, in the main hall, a chilled area towards the back with low chairs and couches and outside. I went for dinner and I planned to indulge plus it was a weekend and I wasn’t on my regular diet.




The second thing I fell in love with is the menu because it’s personalized. I don’t know if any other restaurant in Nigeria paid this much attention to their menu. So thumbs up Utopia.



I loved this #booklover

We had hummus for starter. It had been so long I had hummus and I’m such a hummus lover. Besides the fact that it’s really healthy, it’s a yummy starter. The hummus was so good that I had to order another for take away.


For main course, I was confused because the menu is so broad with a lot of options. They serve a bit of everything. I ordered the Hacked Grilled Chicken at the waiter’s suggestion. It was typically still in my eating lifestyle – potato wedges and chicken. In her words it’s a lot of food and I was hungry. She was spot on as you can see below.

Hacked Grilled Chicken

My friend ordered San Jose Fajita. It’s a mix of chicken stir fry and jollof rice with a side of wraps, peppers and sauce. He hadn’t had rice in a while and it was also the waiter’s suggestion.

San Jose Fajita
Our meals came on hot plates and stayed warm all through the meal

Now, I’m not a dessert person and I can’t remember the last time I had dessert after a meal but we ordered dessert 😱. You would think we wouldn’t have had space in our bellies after all this food. We ordered Oreo Madness because Seyi Shay raved about how good it was on her snapchat when she was at Utopia. I’m also a former Oreo lover. Former because I’m living a healthier life now. I was happy to indulge though.

Oreo Madness

It was sooo good. It’s a mix of crushed Oreo cookies on top and underneath with vanilla ice cream in the middle. Topped with strawberries, chocolate syrup and strawberry syrup.

Guess what? The restaurant also had free wifi which is definitely always a plus.

  • Hummus 2,200×2 – N4,400
  • Hacked Grilled Chicken – N6,800
  • San Jose Fajita – N6,900
  • Oreo Madness – N4,000

Prices are tax inclusive so there was no unexpected additional VAT or service charge. Pretty decent don’t you think?

Will I go to Utopia again? YES!!!!!!!!!

Don’t stare longingly at my photos, if you’re in Lagos, go treat yourself.

Mariam Shittu

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