Switch up: Denim & Stripes

TGIF! Today’s style post is a switch up. I turned my denim shirt into a different top entirely and paired it with an almost abandoned striped maxi skirt.


The denim shirt has been with me for a while. I can’t remember exactly how long ago I bought it but it’s always with me whenever I’m going on holiday abroad. I don’t think I’ve ever worn it in Nigeria because it doesn’t jell with our weather. Thankfully, the sun hasn’t been shining much or at all this month so it wasn’t a sweat fest.


So there’s a story behind the skirt and of course I’m gonna share it. This gorgeous and obviously different maxi skirt with a front zipper and slit was given to me by a former colleague turned friend. She bought it for herself but couldn’t figure out how to pair it for so long. One day, she came to work and said to me “Mariam take this skirt, you wear skirts more often than I do I’m sure you’ll figure out a way to style it”.  I thought it was such a pretty skirt and I couldn’t figure out why she was giving it out. This was in 2016. Every time I saw this skirt in my closet, I’d try it on and it just wouldn’t look good. I paired it with a white crop one time, it looked awful. Then with a white top another time and it still didn’t look good. I shoved it to the back of my closet and thought I was gonna end up giving it out too.

Fast forward to this year, I decluttered last month like I mentioned before in one of my style posts and I found some goodies. Guess what? The skirt is one of them. This time around, I decided that I was gonna wear it by hook or by crook. So I got a bunch of things out, spread them on my bed and kept pairing and trying them with the skirt. When I tried the denim shirt, it looked wearable with the skirt but not great. Then I thought to tie it and fold the sleeves up to give it that extra sauce.


I initially wore white sandals with this outfit but my brother reminded me of these slippers and I ran to get them. My brother has been influenced in my fashion lifestyle😂

I had rolled my weave so my hair was looking all kinds of fabulous and worked perfectly with the outfit. It was one of the days I was proud of how far I’ve come in this styling game. I was excited I came up with this look all by myself. As usual, I took a couple of photos with my iPhone.




Outfit Details;

Denim Shirt ~ Colin’s Authentic Jeanswear

Skirt ~  Huixeie(I think that’s what the label reads)

Slippers ~ Gucci

Mariam Shittu

What do you think of this outfit? Have you ever paired a denim shirt or top with stripes before?

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