20 Things I’ve Never Done But Will Like To Do

So I made a list of things I’ve never done that I will like to do. In a way it serves as a permanent challenge for the new year and it also makes me have a lot to look forward to. The plan is to come back here to revise this post when I’ve done something on the list.

1. I’ve Never Done A Collaboration With A Brand or Blogger. This is something I’d really like to do very soon. I believe it’s time for me to collaborate with a beauty or lifestyle brand and a poetry, motivation or lifestyle blogger.
UPDATE: I collaborated with BlackRoots in February, 2021.

2. I’ve Never Driven A Truck. The biggest car I’ve ever driven is an SUV. I just want to know what it feels like driving a car and you can’t see the cars behind you 😂.

3. I’ve Never Skydived. I have a whole adventure wishlist but I really want to do this most out of the whole lot. What can I say, you only live once.

4. I’ve Never Been to Paris. Yup! I want to see the Eiffel tower, take beautiful photos of the city, eat as much bread and pasta as my stomach will let me, buy a gelato, take a beautiful photo of it then eat it.

5. I’ve Never Read Two Books At The Same Time. I’ve never done this because I like to complete my tasks. I also feel like I would be cheating on one book with the other. Whenever I try, I end up finishing the second one and going back to the first. I know a lot of people that do this so I’m gonna keep trying till I succeed.
UPDATE: I read three books at the same time in 2019.

6. I’ve Never Done A Plank For More Than Two Minutes. I like to push myself to achieve more. I’m in a competition with myself to stop feeling like I’m going to die when I’m about to get past a two minutes plank. I start screaming and give up but I won’t stop trying.
UPDATE: I have done a plank for two minutes and fifteen seconds. Yippee!!!!

7. I’ve Never Driven Outside Lagos (Ogun State Doesn’t Count). I’m not exactly sure where I will be driving to but after my road trip from the east to the west, I’ve imagined driving to another state and what the experience will be like.

8. I’ve Never Bought Scented Candles For Myself. I’ve bought candles as gifts for people and I’ve been given candles a few times but for some reason I don’t know, I’ve never bought them for myself. This is something I can fix easily though.
UPDATE: I’ve bought myself some nice candles.

9. I’ve Never Slept in A Sleeping Bag. Well I hope to go camping really soon and sleep outside with nature and no mosquitoes.

10. I’ve Never Published A Book. I want to be an author and I believe it will happen sooner rather than later. This serves as a reminder for me to not stop writing, research competitions, keep pushing my work out and not give up.

11. I’ve Never Gone Fishing. This is also for the experience. I believe this is achievable because my brother has fishing gear and his friend goes fishing often. I just have to know when next he plans to go and tag along.

12. I’ve Never Donated Blood. I know the blood bank will appreciate a volunteer donor and I can imagine how good I will feel doing this. I just don’t know when or if I will be courageous enough to do it.

13. I’ve Never Bought A Professional Camera. This has been a long time wish. I will really like a canon with a very good lens that will last a lifetime to carry along with me everywhere I go.

14. I’ve Never Been To A Casino. The plan is to go to Vegas with my female friends and have the time of our lives. I’ve never even gambled before so this is just for the adventure.

15. I’ve Never Baked Cookies. I’ve never baked a lot of things. I plan to take baking classes next year either through YouTube or a baker. I’ve always wanted to be the cool Mum that bakes her kids snacks.

16. I’ve Never Been Backstage At A Concert. I just want to see all the drama that happens back there and maybe get a selfie with an artiste.

17. I’ve Never Kissed Someone At Midnight on New Year’s Eve. I’m always at home on New Year’s Eve. Boring! I know!!! I grew up in a house where we prayed into the new year. Since 2014 though, I stopped believing in that and wanting to attend the countdown concert in Lagos instead. That hasn’t happened for the past three years either, so I’m hoping I get to spend New Year’s Eve somewhere people live in the moment sometime soon.

18. I’ve Never Talked On The Radio. I still love listening to the radio; getting vital information, catching up on new music and listening to interviews when I’m driving. I want to impact people so much that I get invited to talk on the radio someday. Isn’t this something?!

19. I’ve Never Gone Commando. I know someone that does this on the regular except when it’s that time of the month. I really won’t feel comfortable, I guess I’ve never gone wild 😜.
UPDATE: I finally did this. All I can say is the air was really, really good.

20. I’ve Never Lived Alone. As much as I like my space, I’ve never had the opportunity of living all by myself. I served in Lagos, I haven’t traveled out to do my masters, etc. I hope I get to live alone before I agree to spend the rest of my life with someone special. UPDATE: I live alone now!!!

Do you have things you’ve never done but will like to do? Feel free to share them. It may just be the motivation you need to get them done.

Think Big, Dream Big.

Mariam Shittu.

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  1. I’ve also never been to Paris so .. let’s do a girls trip!!! .. we can cancel a lot of these items with one trip. My biggest one is I’ve never skinny dipped.. and I really want to, specifically in the Carribean. lol

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