Workchic : Neon Vibes

Just like the blazer dress was a thing of the 80s, neon too was.  I stayed clear of neon like most people do for a long time but I bought my first neon piece in 2016. Since then, I’ve only added more of them to my closet. When you wear neon colours, be ready for some attention! It’s hard not to notice the bright shades and hues they emit.

This lemon neon piece was definitely a staple addition to my wardrobe. My other neon pieces are along the shades of orange and red. The first time I wore a neon blouse to work in 2016 and my boss complemented my blouse. I didn’t know if that was a bad or good thing but I never asked. I rock my neon with confidence!

Fast forward to this year, I got my hands on this dress. I especially love the fit, the detail at the waist and its length. Long dresses are still a thing!!! Pairing it was also very easy. I opted for leopard print shoes and a brown purse the first time I wore it. This time, I paired it with black.

This is the perfect “I have arrived dress”, “look your best today dress”, “we have that big client meeting and we need to make an impression thing dress”.

OUTFIT DETAILS: |Dress: Asos|Shoes: Christian Louboutin |Purse: Gucci

Thanks for reading.

Do you vibe with neon?

Mariam Shittu

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