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Lagos is a city that boasts of many interesting cafes and restaurants and every other month, a new restaurant joins this ever-growing list. Flowershop cafe is a flower shop and cafe that has fast become one of the popular restaurants to hang out in Victoria Island since its opening in late July.


The restaurant had been on my radar since August but I finally visited with three of my friends, Ore, Kasope and Misan in November for lunch that turned to an early dinner. Prior to my visit, I had eaten a meal from the cafe; lamb wrap which I didn’t like much so I wasn’t sure how my experience was going to be. However, it started on a positive note because of the complimentary valet parking service I was offered when I got there.

The cafe has two sitting areas, the majority of the sitting is indoor while there are a few seats outdoor as well. We decided to sit inside because it was a hot day. As we walked in, we were ushered to our seats and were given stools to place our purses on. I immediately noticed the flowers underneath the glass of the tables as we sat down, It was a flower shop after all.

The menu is typical of what you get from a regular cafe (breakfast meals, sandwiches & wraps, salads) except a few personalized additions in their main dishes category. They also have some breakfast meals that can be ordered any time of the day and I thought that was cool.

We didn’t explore anything alcoholic this time. We ordered; coke, soda water, hot chocolate and baobab smoothie.

For starters, we ordered Tortilla Chips. When they came, they were burnt so we sent them back to be remade. A few minutes later, though it felt like we waited for longer because we were all hungry, we were served a freshly made batch that wasn’t burnt and they were sooooo good. It hit the right spots and the creamy and spicy sauce was perfect.

For mains we ordered;
~ Classic Pancakes
~ Chicken Pesto Panini
~ Chicken Pot Pie

Tortilla Chips
Classic Pancakes
Chicken Pot Pie with a side of salad
Chicken Pesto Panini & Fries


Our meals came around the same time and we dug in. It was my first time eating a Pot Pie and I’m happy to say that it was delicious. I had only seen photos and heard my brother go on and on about Shepherd’s pie so I thought to try it out. It was a tasty meal with a lot of cheese I don’t necessarily eat but enjoyed surprisingly. I absolutely loved the salad on the side as well. It was perfect!

The plan was for everyone to try a different meal but Misan ended up ordering the same meal I ordered. The menu doesn’t have a lot of options in the main dishes category and Pasta and rice were banned on this day lol.

Kasope’s Comments:
The pancakes were the best. I ordered a side of mashed potatoes and I ate them with my pancakes. There’s a first time for everything. You should try this combo.

Ore’s Comments:
So the space was really nice. I liked how there are different sections to sit with different types of furniture including the outdoor section. I liked the table, you could see through the glass and view the flowers. My hot chocolate was a bit just there, tasted more like normal Milo you can make at home, don’t know why. My sandwich was really good. I had some of my Kasope’s pancakes, best I’ve had in Lagos and was definitely worth it. Valet parking idea made sense seeing the small space they have (the chicken republic by City of David should consider this 😂). Overall, a good place with great food. I would highly recommend.

Tortilla Chips – N2,500, Classic Pancakes – N3,200, Others – N600, Soda water – N800,
Chicken Pot pie (2) – 13,600, Chicken Pesto Panini N4,200, Hot chocolate – N2,000,
Coke – N800, Tropi Baobab – N2800
Total 30,500

After eating, we went to the flower shop and it was really dreamy. There were roses for days and we had a mini photoshoot there before we called it a night.

The Flowershop cafe is perfect for breakfast, brunch, a quick bite while you get some work done, or to hang out with friends or family if you don’t want a typical restaurant setting. I’m not sure it’s perfect for a first date night but it will be okay for a second or third one.



Is there a restaurant you would like to be reviewed?

Mariam Shittu 

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