10 Signs You’re Sprung

Love.Lust.Sprung…oh how amazing it is to feel. 

Remember T-Pain’s song “I’m Sprung”? 

According to Urban Dictionary, being sprung is when you’re so infatuated with one person that you feel almost as though you’re in love with them, yet you can’t quite define it as love. When you’re sprung, you’re stuck on one person; suddenly, no one seems to matter quite as much as they do; when you don’t see them all day, it feels like you’re missing something, like the day didn’t even count as a real day.

So how do you know if you’re sprung? I’ve got 10 signs below for you.

1. You read their texts over and over again.

2. You listen to their voice notes repeatedly just to hear their voice.

3. They’re the last thing you think about before you go to bed, the first thing you think about when you wake, and you can’t stop thinking about them during the day.

4. You look forward to spending time with them.

5. Every call or text from them makes you really happy.

6. You get so tired of watching your phone waiting for a text or call from them that you turn your phone off to stop you from going crazy.

7. When you’re out with friends or other people, you wish you were with them instead.

8. You imagine a future with them.

9. You can’t stop talking about them/showing them off. 

10. You’re incapable of suppressing your emotions when it comes to them.

In essence, they’re everywhere and in every thing.  Sometimes, this feeling leads to more (love) and other times, it dies as quickly as it came. Nonetheless, it’s consuming, overwhelming and out of our control.

So, have you ever been sprung?

Mariam Shittu


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5 thoughts on “10 Signs You’re Sprung

  1. Yes, I have but it was cool cos we were both sprung. It’s not nice when it isn’t reciprocated.

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