POEM| Why Do I Have To Choose?

It’s time
to make a decision
And I’m stuck yet again
Wondering how I’m gonna choose

Maybe if I really think hard
Weigh all my options
And list the pros and cons
I will be able to choose

But I’ve been thinking
And that hasn’t worked
I really don’t know
If I will be able to choose

Damn, this is so hard
Can’t someone else make this decision?
I don’t wanna choose
Why I gotta choose?

This is my second poem about indecision. I really don’t like making decisions though it’s an integral part of adulting. It’s easier when there is a choice I’m leaning towards but when I’m totally clueless, I’m always helpless.

Mariam Shittu


5 thoughts on “POEM| Why Do I Have To Choose?

  1. Nice poem. Decisions can be quite intimidating. Recently, I was trying to make a big career decision. Couldn’t sleep at night from the stress. Just did a post about it.

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