Places in Lagos|Samantha’s Bistro

Hi guys, this is my first Places in Lagos post for the year and it’s about a restaurant I had heard of for so long and hadn’t been to. I wasn’t gonna do a post about my experience here because I didn’t go with the intention of doing a post for the blog and I didn’t take great photos but I was convinced otherwise. Anyway, would you believe we almost didn’t stay? The bad isolated road to get there and then the scenery on the outside upon arrival put us off.

As soon as we walked in though I was hooked. The sitting arrangements and decor including a mini book store, mini supermarket, magazines for days which were recent issues and board games made me fall in love. I had to convince my brother and sister in law to stay by asking them severally to order something. I’m glad we did though because we ended up loving everything.


  • 2 pineapple and ginger smoothies
  • 1 bottle of water

My sister in law copied me here and my brother wasn’t feeling adventurous this day so he just had water. The smoothie was amazing!


  • Garlic Bread
  • Bbq wings

Okay, the garlic bread came looking like pizza. This is by far the best garlic bread I’ve ever had and I’m not exaggerating. It was properly done!!! My brother and I bullied my sis to let us have three slices each lol. The wings were also really juicy and it inspired me to try mine the following weekend.


  • The Lagos Burger
  • Lamb Chops, Salad & Fried Rice
  • Oxtail Curry & Fried Rice

I was a bit disappointed suya wasn’t available for my burger because I went out of my comfort zone by choosing to have a burger but the waiter suggested a sunny side up to replace it and I said why not. The burger was good but then again isn’t burger always good?

My brother had oxtail curry and rice and he kept talking about how good it was then he made us have some.

My sister had lamb chops and fried rice with salad on the side. Her food was the most and I was a bit jealous of that 😂. She thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it too and kept saying how we almost missed out on all this.

Final Thoughts

Samantha’s Bistro is a nice place to chill for a work meeting, lunch or better yet to hang with friends and chill during the day. I think my blogger babes would like this space a lot. You’ll literally have no complaints about brunch at Samantha’s.

Thanks for reading.

Mariam Shittu

Have you been to Samantha’s Bistro? I’d like to know what you think of it👇🏼

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