Shades of Orange & Brown

Hello everyone, welcome to my first style post of the year infused with ankara print. I’m glad to finally share an ankara feature on my blog. Ankara has always been a life saver because when I’m lost on what to wear, it’s easy to grab a print piece especially a bright one, mix and match and you’re good to go.

Would you believe I’ve had these ankara shorts for almost a year(Feb 2017) and I hadn’t been able to wear them till now??!! I cupped these shorts at Mentedemoda in February, 2017. Mentedemoda is a monthly shopping experience with various vendors which holds every month in Lagos. I’m a sucker for ready made ankara clothing and the bright print of the shorts caught my eye. I couldn’t try them on cos the vendor stalls are in an open space but they looked like they will fit. I did my bargaining, paid and was happy with my find. When I got home, I tried them on and they wouldn’t go up. To say I was sad is putting it mildly, I was more disappointed.

However, I kept this piece in my closet. I’d try it on from time to time just incase my hips magically disappeared. I kept it aside for a long time and tried it on in December when I was packing and it fit(to be fair, I’ve lost a significant amount of fat around my lower body). You can imagine the excitement I felt to be able to dress up with them on so that’s what birth this post.

How To Look Stylish For Less – Camisole

I paired the shorts with an easy orange camisole, a brown versatile bucket bag from @slmsignature and brown slippers. I mixed different shades of brown and orange together and it came together looking real nice if I do say so myself.

To trying new things and taking chances!

Thanks for reading.

Outfit Details;

Cami/Top ~ Atmosphere

Slippers ~ Hermes

Bag ~ @slmsignature

Mariam Shittu


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