Is It Wrong to Keep Souvenirs From Past Relationships?

I’m a firm believer that every person you date takes a piece of you with them when they leave. You spend a considerable amount of time with someone you’re dating and because of this, they know almost everything about you. The time you wake up, what you wore, what you ate, how your day went, your fears, your worries, your wins, etc. And if this relationship turns sour, you feel a hole in your heart regardless of how it ended; whether it was your fault or not.

I was having a conversation with my friend last week and the topic shifted to our exes. Then he mentioned that he deleted every photo he had of his most recent ex-girlfriend when the relationship ended and I went quiet. Before you judge me, hear me out on why I went hush. I understand the concept of deleting photos on social media or public places when you’re no longer together, but I don’t necessarily believe every photo you have with your ex on your phone should be deleted.

Some photos are just priceless e.g Disneyland, birthdays, and adrenaline-induced activities. I’m not the “let’s a take a selfie because we’re out on a date” type of girlfriend so if I happen to have a photo with you on my phone, it must have been of our fondest memories. I also still have photos of my most recent ex-boyfriend on my phone and other exes somewhere in my Laptop🙈 and this doesn’t mean I haven’t moved on.

Later that night, I was still fixated on this because I have more than just photos of my exes and it’s that thought that birthed this post. So I took a trip down memory lane and here’s what I found. Besides the gifts I was given during these relationships (which I believe should not be thrown away), I have two hoodies, a couple of t-shirts, slippers, a fitness watch, gym tops, a water bottle, and briefs. These items were somehow handed over to me at some point during the relationship and I still use some of these items till today. In fact, I typed this post in one of the hoodies and it’s doing a great job of keeping me warm.

I’m not keeping these items in a box to savour the scent of someone I don’t care about that way anymore and neither am I keeping them to sulk. These items are a part of my belongings, serve a purpose, are being used and being laundered. I’ve also passed some things down to people (mostly the brand new and never been used items).

Unconsciously, I’ve been doing this forever and it has never been an issue in any of my relationships; most likely because it was never discovered. Now, all my exes know I keep souvenirs and I’m not bothered about that. However, some part of me wonders if this right so I’m throwing this question out to you.

Is it wrong to keep souvenirs from past relationships?

Mariam Shittu

23 thoughts on “Is It Wrong to Keep Souvenirs From Past Relationships?

  1. I’m with your friend. If the relationship is over, it’s over. I have cut exes out of vacation photos I like if I want to keep the picture as a vacation memento. Pictures of my ex-husband, I passed on to my daughter through the years. Why would I have reminders of someone from my past in my present or future?

  2. Well I don’t see anything wrong in keeping souvenirs as long as it’s being used for its rightful purpose and not used to relive past memories. But if the gift is personalised with his name on it, then I will give it out but never return it.

    1. Well, I believe relationships teach me a lesson (what I never want in a relationship & what I admire) & that’s it. It also helps me be a better person!

      I also try to stay “friendly ” “eventually ” with all my ex’s. So I eventually hold no grudge.

      That being said, I see nothing bad in keeping souvenirs from past relationships (so long You have truly moved on). While reading, I kinda realized how I have lost every souvenir from ex’s, totally inadvertently.

      Great read. Xoxo😘

      1. It’s bold of you to stay friends with your exes. I’m cordial with them but we don’t need to talk; it’s best that way. By the way, how did you lose all these items? You’re suspect 😂

  3. I don’t think you are meant to return gifts at all and I don’t even understand guys/girls that ask for things back… petty much. But keeping clothings or items you obtained and all of that is a no for me, and I don’t think your next partner would appreciate it either. I mean imagine your now boyfriend/partner wearing his ex-girlfriend’s hoodies(probably oversized) or a ring or something dunno. Not interested sha. Let the past stay in the past!

    1. It’s super petty and i can never understand it. I thought it was hearsay until an ex did it to me😂. I understand where you’re coming from but I believe it’s only if feelings are attached to these items that it will pose a problem. If the hoodie is just a property, anybody can wear it when they need it.

  4. 😂😂😂 a guy I was in a relationship with bought me a jewelry that was personalised with my name on it. When we broke up, I was feeling petty so I posted on FB that the next person that dates me shouldn’t give me personalised jewelry so I can wear it even after we break up lol.
    He sha called me & said i should send the jewelry back since i dont want it anymore. I was like 🤨 come and take it now.
    Anyways never wore it after we broke up and eventually gave it to my sis.
    But there’s nothing wrong with keeping gifts sha. Even if I won’t use it (which is unlikely now) I’m sha not giving you back.

    1. 🤣🤣🤣 OMG this just reminded me that one of my exes wanted his hoodie back. I was like huh? You made me love John Mayer and gave me a hoodie with his name on it. How you gonna be so petty? Of course I didn’t return it.

  5. I think it depends on a lot of factors.

    Some hold on to gifts in hopes of reliving some of the left over memories they shared with this person.

    For others, it’s simply a gift that may have turned into our prized possessions (ain’t no way would I give up my pandora bracelet for example lol)

    Might be best to do an honest assessment. If there are zero feelings attached then it’s totally fine but if those gifts make you feel any type of way (good or bad) when you use them then it’s probably best to discard them.

    1. 🤣 I’m with you on the pandora bracelet girl! Yeah, a honest assessment of your feelings towards these things will surely help with a decision. Thanks!

  6. Hmmmm I’m guilty as well, especially if they were gifts so I don’t think it’s wrong.

  7. I too still have my items. They are usually gifts so why not keep them? If there is a negative memory that comes with something, then I would get rid of it. Donate it or destroy it, depending on what it is. The pictures, I have them too., as it was a part of my life’s story. I have gotten rid of some, but not all. Before long, some things will no longer have the same meaning it once did and is just another “object” you own.

    1. This is the exact way I feel about it too. As long as these items are not a reminder of bad memories why destroy them? Also, they don’t hold the meaning they once did and are just property.

  8. It’s wrong! I believe it’s best to erase every physical memory of an ex from your life. To me, that’s the best way to move on.

  9. Imagine I got a car as a gift and we broke up. I’m definitely keeping it. That car better be in my name too!!!

  10. This can be considered as “dangerous territory” when you still have feelings for the person. I do have some souvenirs but they were gifts that I couldn’t throw out because of their worth LOL. The items you mentioned are more personal. To answer your question, no I don’t think it’s wrong.

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