Places in Lagos| The Backyard Bar & Grill

The Backyard Bar & Grill has been around for quite some time and it became popular quickly because of the wooden chair swing in this photo of me, and their art wall that serves as a photo backdrop for guests. I had only ever been there twice until this past weekend when I stopped by for lunch with my friend, T.

My first time, I didn’t stay because the kitchen was closed for the afternoon and the second time, I attended an event; a tribute to Sade, which was a soulful and beautiful display of talents performing Sade’s hits back to back by the way, but I didn’t eat too. However, this time I was ready to devour one of the juicy burgers or sandwiches I had seen on their Instagram page too many times. 

The ambiance of the restaurant is warm and inviting upon entry and you get the option of choosing between two sitting areas; indoor and outdoor. We initially sat inside but we went outside almost immediately because there were fewer people and it looked more beautiful. I was concerned we were going to be hot but I didn’t sweat at all. Either it wasn’t a hot day or their mist fans work extremely well. I must say the restaurant has sitting for a whole lot of people and I am not exaggerating. Take a look at the pictures below and they don’t even do justice to the space considering I didn’t photograph some part of the outside area and the whole indoor.

Considering it wasn’t a busy day; besides us, there was only one other occupied table, but we had to call the attention of the waiter to tend to us. After we made our selections from the menu, we also had to do the same thing for our orders to be placed. I wonder what happens when all the seats are occupied.

I like the way the menu is set up with different price groups for meals so you can choose according to your pocket. For starters, we ordered Popcorn Chicken because I had seen a photo of it prior to this day and I wanted to try it. Sadly, I wasn’t impressed because it was extremely dry and not tasty without the honey mustard sauce it was served with.

For mains, I ordered a Steak Sandwich and T ordered TBY’s Chicken Burger. Okay, before you judge me, it was cheatday. My sandwich was juicy and it tasted pretty much how a steak sandwich should taste if I remember correctly. It wasn’t dry, the cheese dragged and it was yummy.

The fries were perfect, yes perfect. We both ate all our fries. I think T really liked his burger too because after wondering how he was going to devour it without making a mess, I watched as he took bite after bite until it was done (hahaha).  I, on the other hand, ate one half of my sandwich and packed the other half to go.

We didn’t explore any cocktails but maybe next time.

Popcorn Chicken ~ 3300
Steak Sandwich & Fries ~ 5650
Chicken Burger & Fries ~ 5800
Water x2 ~1000

The Backyard Bar & Grill is perfect for lunch, brunch and dinner solo or with friends and family, it also seems like an ideal place for dates, meetings, and to unwind after the day’s work. Trust me, I know it looks more appealing at night.

Ps: If there’s a restaurant in Lagos you would like to be reviewed, drop a comment below.

Mariam Shittu

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