BOOKS| 15 Notable Quotes From The Smart Money Tribe

I remember reading The Smart Money Woman at the tail end of 2016 and commending myself for already doing most of the things mentioned in the book. The story was relatable and I liked how we learned about money; its highs and its lows through the lives of five different friends. I especially liked how every chapter had takeaways and exercises for its readers. The book had a lot to offer and the story ended very well so when I heard that the book had a second part, I couldn’t help but wonder why.

However, after reading a few pages of The Smart Money Tribe, I understood why this book was necessary. Arese Ugwu dug deeper into smart money choices and lessons for everyone; CEOs, employees and entrepreneurs. It covers various aspects of financial independence such as; how to choose investments that suit your income, when to invest, recognizing financial abuse, placing family dependency on a budget, when to choose equity or debt, being intentional about making more money, being accountable by constantly checking on your investments/savings, etc.

Similar to the first book, it also bothered on the value of strong friendships, unbreakable bonds and the importance of having friends you make important and life-changing decisions with. It was nice to catch up with the lives of the girls and all the drama in between. I’ve definitely grown a lot wiser from my post about 9 Tips To Help You Manage Your Finances Better in 2020  by just reading its 356 pages. It’s one of those books, you’ll have to keep in the house and refer to whenever you need to make a decision about your finances.

Whenever I read a book, I make notes and this book was no different. Instead of doing a full review (I didn’t want to give the story away), I thought to share a few of the quotes I held onto from the book today.

“A strong personal brand that visibly demonstrates your work experience as an intrapreneur, your achievements, and how you are able to overcome challenges, ultimately speaks for you before you enter a room.”

“Anyone who makes you feel bad for prioritising your financial health isn’t someone that should be in your life.”

There’s a big difference between being cheap and being smart with money.

“The key to guilt-free spending is setting up financial systems that allow you to know what you can afford when you can afford it.”

“A woman identifying as feminist and striving for financial independence doesn’t mean she hates men. It just means she wants equal access to opportunities that can generate enough income to look after herself and pay her bills.”

“One of the most significant stress tests in any relationship is how people deal with financial problems. Who they are and what they do first in a financial crisis.”

“The reality is there are only two levers that control wealth – earn more or spend less.”

“You can’t depend on a single income, especially not in this economy. You should have several fires burning at the same time to make sure you cover both your long-term and your short-term game.”

“Negotiate everything! Your salary, credit with your supplies, the value on your contract with your client. You leave money on the table when you don’t negotiate.”

“Just keep at it. Success has many fathers, failure na bastard.”

Your network is only your net worth if you can use it to create opportunities or remove obstacles.

“If you walk into a room thinking you offer nothing, others can smell it and they’ll think it too.”

“You have to be vocal about the aspects of your business you need help without being overbearing. You never know who can help with distribution, PR, or entry into a new market. Be clear about the specific problems you’re looking for solutions for.”

“Your mind is your most powerful asset, if you harness it, it will be your most useful tool even in the worst of times.”

“Invest in your circle of friends because the sort of people and relationships you surround yourself with have an impact on your ability to make, keep and grow money.”

Even though there’s a global pandemic and we’re all worried about our income and finances there are still investment opportunities out there, find them!

Questions For You
1.) Which quote got you thinking?
2) How many books have you read this year?
3.) Do you have a friend/family member in your circle that checks on your financial accountability?

Mariam Shittu

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  1. 1) My favorite quote and one of my life mantras is “negotiate everything negotiable”. You’ll be surprised at how successful you can be. Closed mouths don’t get fed. 🤷🏾‍♀️

    2) I’m in the middle of finishing two books I started last year.

    3) Yes, absolutely!

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