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The Side Bar by Miskay is a new cozy restaurant in Lekki Phase 1. As the same suggests, it’s literally a side bar beside the Miskay store. Before the space was converted to a restaurant, it was chill out zone with a swing bench chair, perfect for taking photos. The Side Bar opened officially for business in April 2021. I stopped by the restaurant for Eid brunch with my brother, Luki, and here’s what I think of the place.

The entire interior of The Side Bar is green with a touch of white. I love the plants on the ceiling to block the sun rays and the green furniture. The booth seat was cozy and very comfortable too. Though it’s not a big space, it’s set up to fit a decent number of people. 

The menu is categorized into five sections; breakfast & brunch, starters, mains, salads and dessert. I was surprised at the many meal options on the menu considering the size of the restaurant. Have a look below;

Since we there for brunch, we focused on the brunch menu. Luki ordered The Side Bar Breakfast Burger while I chose Pancakes & Chicken. It was my first time seeing this option on a menu together with the waffles & chicken option. I’d chose pancakes over waffles any day, so it was a given.
For drinks, Luki ordered a caffe latte while I went for a cafe mocha. 

The Side Bar Breakfast Burger

Pancakes and chicken

Our drinks arrived first, and I liked how they were served. Then came the food. As soon as I saw my food, I knew there was no way I would eat it all. Luki ate his whole burger and thoroughly enjoyed it. The pancakes were fat and fluffy, and the chicken was yummy.

Our waiter came by immediately we were sat to serve us. We were offered milk options to choose from for our drinks, and they didn’t just assume that we preferred cow milk. The restaurant observed all covid-19 protocols and we never looked for our waiter. On the downside, because the restaurant is a long stretch, there’s no private corner. It’s not a big space, so it’ll be advisable to call ahead if you’re a large group. The Side Bar shares parking with the store, so you may have to move your car for other customers if you park behind a car. On the flip side, you get to see customers shopping while eating 😀

Water ~ N600
Cafe Latte x2 ~ N5,000
Cafe Mocha ~ N2,500
Pancakes & Chicken ~ N6,100
Breakfast Burger ~ N5,500
The restaurant did not include VAT and service charge to the bill. Our total damage was N19,700.

The Side Bar is a good choice for a quick bite, a hot drink, or a meeting during the day. It also seems like the place you can do just drinks and have a good time. Also, whenever you go shopping at Miskay, you can decide to grab a quick bite, preferably after shopping. 

Out of 10, I rate The Side Bar a 6.5 

P.S. this is not a sponsored post. All opinions expressed were not influenced.

Mariam Shittu

Header credit: @thesidebarbymiskay


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