Places in Lagos| Sketch Cafe & Restaurant

Sketch is a cafe and restaurant located in Victoria Island, Lagos. It shares the same building with four other businesses, one of which is a restaurant I’m yet to review, Kapadoccia. I stopped by Sketch this month with my friend, Chidimma, for our annual birthday lunch and here’s what we think of the place.


As the name suggests, Sketch is a restaurant with sketches on the walls of the building’s interior and it boasts to be Africa’s first 2D immersive dining experience. As an art lover, I was truly in awe of the space. The restaurant is brightly lit and themed around ancient Egypt; you notice this from the entrance and the art on the walls. The restaurant has three sitting areas with simple furniture that gives a cafeteria setting.


The menu is simple and straightforward with not too much going on. However, there are enough sections to choose a meal or drink from. Chidimma and I both agreed that the prices on the menu were quite high.


For drinks, Chidimma chose Mooly, a non-alcoholic cocktail, and I had Soda Water. We skipped starters and went straight to mains. I chose Shish Kaba and French fries. Chidimma chose Beef Escalope with Sketchy rice. While we waited for our food, the waiter served us a complimentary starter. It was in between breadsticks and chinchin. It was spicy and nice, which made me look forward to my meal.

The complimentary starter
Shish Kaba
Beef Escalope & Sketchy rice

As a lover of middle eastern cuisine, I’ve eaten a lot of shish in my lifetime. The meat was chewy, and I wish the chicken wasn’t glazed with a sweet sauce. However, I loved the bread. It was fresh and soft, and it complimented the meal. Chidimma liked her meal, but it didn’t give her a wow factor. It was just okay.


Sketch had been on my to-visit list, and I was happy to be there, but I wish I had enjoyed my experience better. We were ushered in nicely, and our waiter was polite and helpful with the menu. However, the restaurant wasn’t cool or cosy, and the seats weren’t comfy. Also, because of the set-up, we could hear other peoples’ conversations. The food was basic, and though it seemed like security was tight, the guests were dodgy.


Mooly ~ 6,000
Water ~ 1,500
Soda Water ~ 1,500
Shish Kaba ~ 10,600
Fries ~ 3,500
Beef Escalope ~ 13,000
Our total bill was N36,100. There were no additional charges.


Food – ⭐️⭐️
Service – ⭐️⭐️⭐️
Ambience – ⭐️⭐️⭐️
Overall Experience – 6


Food – fair, served in time
Ambience – rowdy
Good for photo ops
Sound system was a pain to the ear

Sketch gives a unique dining experience and if you love art, you’ll love the space.

This is not a sponsored post. All opinions expressed were not influenced.

Mariam Shittu

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