I am angry, very angry
Angry at the world
Angry at life
Angry at everything

I am bitter, very bitter
Bitter you’re not here
Bitter you’re no more
Bitter you’re gone

I’ve been angry, just angry
Angry I couldn’t stop time
Angry I couldn’t heal you
Angry I couldn’t save you

I’ve been bitter, just bitter
Bitter I had to let you go
Bitter I had to watch you go
Bitter I had to say goodbye

I’ve been angry, still angry
Angry because I miss you
Angry because I need you
Angry because I ache for you

I’ve been bitter, still bitter
Bitter I lost my role model
Bitter I lost my best friend
Bitter I lost my biggest fan

I am angry, very angry
Although you wouldn’t want me angry
Although you wouldn’t want me sad
Although you would want me happy

Written by Mariam Shittu

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