Life is Tough But So Are You

When your life as you know it comes crashing down and it feels like there’s no way back up, there’s always a way.

In recent times, I’ve dealt with a lot more than I thought I would ever deal with at this my young age. Yes, I still consider myself young. I keep amazing myself with my bounce back progress and my continuous growth. I am getting stronger by the day and I’m very thankful for that.

How many times have you been assigned a task that seemed like you could never accomplish? You most likely whined to everyone ready to listen to you about how impossible it will be to get it done, you cried, complained, even pleaded but then eventually you got it done. Or how many times have you been faced with a challenge that left you in a totally disheveled state but then you still pulled through and faced it head on.

I’m sure we can all relate to the situations above. What do you think pushed you through? Well, it’s because we all have a fire inside of us that keeps burning. This fire can be your faith, spirit, determination, strength, mantra and so on. The thing that pushes you to keep going and never give up. The thing that makes you realize you are stronger than you are when you come out smiling. The thing that calms you and reassures you theres ease on its way soon.

You are alive and you are breathing so you gotta keep fighting.

This life we live in is a learning process filled with various types of ups and downs. Today, I just felt like writing for everyone again. So this post is for you out there. Right now, you may not feel you are good enough, strong enough or able but I want you to think of all the other times you thought of this and beat it. So give yourself some credit and get on with life.

So face that interview like a badass, ace that exam like it’s a do or die, strut into and out of that presentation like your life depends on it, work hard, surprise yourself or make your lost loved one proud.

I just want to let you know that you are stronger than you think you are always.

Thanks for reading and have a great week.

Mariam Shittu


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