It’s Feedback Time

I’ve been blogging since March 2017 and it’s crazy to think I haven’t done a feedback post. I really appreciate my readers all around the world so this post is for you. For clicking the link in my bio, for typing “” into your browser, for telling people about my blog, for liking and commenting on my posts, for following my blog, for referring my blog posts to people. Thank you!!!!!

I believe feedback is necessary to know things I’m doing right, I may be doing wrong or that I should be doing that I’m not. I believe I have grown as a writer in this short time but I know I can be better because learning never ends. I created a bunch of feedback questions I will like answers to. Please do not feel obligated to answer them but I will truly appreciate it if you do. Also, there’s no judgement on your answers. I need you to be as honest as possible. Thanks in anticipation.


  1. How did you hear about my blog?
  2. Which post category (Poetry, Style, Health & Fitness, Travel, Lagos Living, Books etc.) do you like to read most on my blog and why?
  3. Will you recommend my blog to people? If yes or no, please say why.
  4. What do you think of my poems?
  5. Will you rather I streamline my posts to a particular category? If yes or no, please say why.
  6. What kind of posts will you like to see on my blog?

Please feel free to mention any other thing I may have missed in my questions.

You can also complete a survey which is asking the same questions by clicking on this link

Thank you!!!!


4 thoughts on “It’s Feedback Time

Add yours

  1. Hey congratulations for coming thus far,the sky is just your starting point hun
    1. Heard about the blog through you.
    2. All of the above, because they all have their impact one way or another.
    3. Yes, cause they all inspiring
    4. The poems are usually in-depth and the connection is just vibing
    5. No please I totally love it this way
    6. More style post please and health as well.
    Keep shining 🙏😍

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  2. Hi girl,

    I filled out the form on the survey but I’ll also comment here.

    1. I think instagram or whatsapp can’t remember which but it was definitely one of them.

    2. Poetry!!! I know Nigerians don’t like to read much except gossip but your poems are everything.

    3. I already recommend it especially your health and fitness posts and the personal development posts. You haven’t written anything to motivate me in a while. Why??? Lol

    4. Erm, I have already told you I love your poems in question 2.

    5. This question is hard. It’ll be nice for your blog to be known for one thing but I love it as it is.

    6. More style posts, collaborations, personal posts about your life journey.

    You promised not to come for me!

    I’m proud of your achievement thus far. Answering your questions was fun.

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