POEM| Beautiful

the adjective,
is used too lightly
and too often
it’s lost its essence.

It no longer seems
nor does it feel
when uttered.

is beautiful
and frequently
it’s appalling.

You’re beautiful,
your work is beautiful,
that’s a beautiful dress,
you write beautifully.

is meant to be
but I wonder
if it means
something else now.

Mariam Shittu

4 thoughts on “POEM| Beautiful

  1. Sometimes, at least for myself, it’s the one word that comes to mind upon seeing something for the first time. I’m truly at a loss, so I’m grasping for straws and beautiful is the only word I can express without sounding like a idiot I guess 😂

      1. As it well should be. I feel the same towards the word “love”, because when you say it the thousandth time how deeply is your love really. Can you put it into words, actions? How far can you relay this? I understand, beautiful should be amongst a air of sacredness though.

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