The Seven Step Method To Achieving Your Goals

Goals are necessary to achieve success and the process of setting goals helps to clarify what we desire to do and the importance of pursuing the goal.

Goals take us ahead in life but sometimes they can be difficult to achieve. Do you ever struggle with setting goals or accomplishing your set goals? I know I do and I believe you do too. I came across this seven-step method to achieving goals in my current read, No Excuses: The Power of Self-Discipline by Brian Tracy and I thought to share them with you all today.

4. Make A List of Everything You Can Think Of That You Could Possibly Do To Achieve Your Goal.

1. Be specific. Decide Exactly What You Want. 

You have to be specific about what you want to achieve. If you want to make money, state the exact amount you want to make. If you want to lose weight, state the exact amount of weight you want to lose.

2. Write It Down.

Often times, we make mental goals without writing them down. When a goal is not written down, it can be easily forgotten. It has no force, effect, or power. However, if it is written down, you can see it, read it, feel it, or amend it.

3. Set A Deadline.

A goal with a specific completion time is more likely to be achieved than one without a time frame. Set a realistic deadline for your goal and works towards meeting this deadline. A deadline gives you that push you need to achieve your goal. Sometimes, deadlines are not met and other times, a goal is achieved before the set deadline.

4. Make A List of Everything You Can Think Of That You Could Possibly Do To Achieve Your Goal.

Break down the specific, written down goal with a deadline into steps to achieve it while considering the external and internal factors that may hinder or help you. Make a list of everything you can think of such as; how much money you will need, the list of people that can assist or offer advice, the additional knowledge and skills you require to achieve this goal amongst others.

The Seven Step Method To Achieving Your Goals

5. Organize Your List By Both Sequence and Priority.

While working towards achieving your goal, organize the steps you will need to take to accomplish it by sequence and priority. This helps you decide what you want to do first, second, third, and also what it is more important and what can wait till later.

6. Take Action on Your Plan Immediately.

What you need to do next is to start working on your goal immediately. Take action and get busy, you don’t have to wait till tomorrow or next week. If you wait, the goal may never be achieved. Procrastination is not allowed. Winners are willing to take action with no guarantee of success and to be a winner, you need to do this.

7. Do Something Every Day That Moves You In The Direction of Your Major Goal

This is the most important step that ensures your goal is accomplished. If you can do something every day that moves you one step closer to nailing this goal, in no time, it will be achieved. When you do this every day, you develop momentum. The sense of forward motion motivates and inspires you.

So there you have it, the seven step-method to achieving your goals.  I plan to imbibe the methods towards my goals and I hope you do so too.

Thanks for reading.

Mariam Shittu

6 thoughts on “The Seven Step Method To Achieving Your Goals

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  1. Great write up, but IMO, there’s a bit of a disconnect, and the missing part is getting into the right frame of mind, the ability to get into the winner’s mindset, as we know fully well that challenges are inevitable. Having the right frame of mind is the ultimate to ensuring those written and actioned goals are adhered to and achieved.

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    1. Yeah not really a disconnect but more of what needs to be done first before the others. If we don’t set our mind to do something, it will never get done. Thank you for contributing.


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