Do You Ask These Questions When You Meet Someone New?

When you meet someone new, what kind of questions do you ask?

Do you ask if they spell grey with an “e” or “a”, if they prefer tea to coffee and if they always lay their bed before leaving the house?

Do you ask if they pick out their clothes the night before or just wing it every morning?

Do you ask if they believe in God and pray every morning and anytime they feel like during the day?

Do you ask what they pray for if they do?

Do you ask if they remember the last time they said “sorry” and “thank you”?

Do you ask if they read books, listen to music and watch the news?

Do you ask how often they talk to their family?

Do you ask if they want children?

Do you ask what they think about choosing to follow your passion and dreams over your current career?

Do you ask why they approached you or thought you will be worth knowing?

Do you ask how many new people they have met recently?

Do you wonder if they will be bothered by your questions so you don’t end up asking them though they are important to you?

Do you?

Mariam Shittu

16 thoughts on “Do You Ask These Questions When You Meet Someone New?

  1. Lovely post. Being an inquisitive person, I generally tend to ask a ton of questions, sometimes bordering on inappropriate haha. I think simply asking a person what a day in their life typically looks like, works great. It’s a non-invasive question but can generate a lot of deep and meaningful details. Happy blogging, Mariam.

  2. Well, after reading this, I realized I do ask all the questions you mentioned except for how many new people they’ve met recently. 😉

  3. I basically just flow with the tide. I should learn to ask more often. Saves you a lot of time!!!

    1. Yeah, it definitely does because no matter how much the person lies, some of these questions will reveal the truth. Thanks for reading!!!!

    1. Wow, that’s big of you to be able to ask most of these questions. I never want to come off as being a lot so I thread carefully and eventually ask all my questions.

      1. Well for me I don’t waste time, I need to know who you are and what you about before I can invest my time in you but at the same time I agree with you sometimes you should just take it slow but again it all depends on what kind of person are you.

  4. Hmmmmmm deep🤗
    I ask for some but not all of the aforementioned.
    Thanks for this hun🤗😁

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