POEM| My Lover Says…

My lover says
he had been waiting for me
all his life but I never knew

I’m in my 30’s
but he calls me baby
every single time

I wake up every day
to a good morning message
from him

And he sends
the sweetest messages
during the day

My lover says
you’re adorable, you know right?
which makes me smile bright

He won’t go to bed
If he doesn’t
set his eyes on me

He won’t fall asleep
without a
good night kiss from me

And as much as I find it weird
I also find it amusing
that this kind of person exists

My lover says
he gets butterflies
every time he sees my face

And that I have
the most beautiful smile
he has ever seen

but I can’t help but wonder
what will happen
when the beauty fades

because I never know how to
live in the present
without thinking about the future

Mariam Shittu

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