POEM| Undecided

Making decisions
has never been
my strongest suit
because I always
find it hard

to choose anything 
even when I have
only two options
or no option at all
I still debate
and weigh the pros and cons

I talk to people
to seek advice
but when it’s time
to decide

I still can’t decide
I know that
making decisions

is a necessary part of life
I have to deal with forever
but I will rather
not have to decide

If I could

I hate it when people
make decisions for me
but I’m sure I wouldn’t mind
If I didn’t know that they did
me people say
not making a decision
is a decision itself
while other people say
I already made a decision
but I just don’t want to agree with myself

I don’t know if they are right
but I had to decide
if writing about this
was a good idea or not
and I decided to
I decided!

Mariam Shittu

Questions For You
Do you struggle with making decisions?
If you do, what helps you decide?

8 thoughts on “POEM| Undecided

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  1. Making decision is usually hard for me,I take my time a lot before I come to conclusion on how to go about it.
    God help us all amen🙏

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  2. I definitely struggle with this. I use any and all resources to help me come to a conclusion. I think what scares me the most is making a hasty decision and regretting it later. I don’t think I’m necessarily indecisive, I just like to explore all options before settling on what I usually in my heart of hearts had decided on, if that makes sense.

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    1. Hi, I get what you mean. You taking a long time to decide makes you seem indecisive though. The reality though is that no matter how long you take it’s only time that will tell if your decision was good or not. Thanks for contributing!


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