POEM| I Want To Be Here

I’m here
but I’m not really here
my body is here

but my mind is elsewhere
I’m saying the things I believe you want to hear
and doing the things I believe I should do
I put up a routine every day to get by
and I wonder if there is more to life than this

I’m here
but I’m not really here
my mind is not here
It’s on an island
and I’m on the beach 
sipping a margarita and living my best life
basking in the afternoon sun
with no paperwork and responsibilities to worry about

I’m here
but I’m not really here
I know I’m alive because I can feel my heartbeat
but I haven’t felt alive in a while
And I want to feel better
I want to smile from within not just at face value
I want to feel like I’m fulfilling a purpose
I want to kill the thoughts on my mind
I want to be glad and lucky I am here
I want to be really here, with you.

Its mental health awareness month and I couldn’t let the month go by without writing about it. Mental health isn’t something everyone pays attention to until it becomes an issue. This is because it is not a physical illness, it’s an internal one and can be difficult to explain to someone who isn’t emotionally intelligent. Your state of mind and mental health can be a determining factor in your quality of life. It’s good to always have in mind that no matter how terrible you feel right now, you will feel better again.

So, If you need to cry, cry!
If you need to cancel plans, do it!
If you need to get help, get help!
If you need some time off, take it!
Don’t feel ashamed for doing what will make you feel better.

How do you take care of your mental health?

Mariam Shittu

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4 thoughts on “POEM| I Want To Be Here

  1. So beautifully written, and I know everyone can resonate with this. One of my favorite quotes that I think about often is “Wherever you are, be there”. I think about it often when my mind is always onto the next thing or using my mind as an escape from my present reality. Thanks for sharing, Mariam!

    1. Thanks a lot, Mackenzie. That was what I hoped for when I wrote it. We all drift but it’s important to remember to be present. I’m sure gonna start using the quote, it’s a good one. Have a good week ❤️

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