Affirmations – I am!

I am rare
I am great
I am kind
I am smart
I am strong
I am capable

I am calm
I am witty
I am gifted
I am helpful
I am confident
I am intelligent

I am useful
I am loved
I am spotless
I am gorgeous
I am amazing
I am beautiful

I am important
I am talented
I am victorious
I am made to walk on water
I am made to visit the moon
I am made to change the world

What we say to ourselves, has a direct impact on how we treat ourselves and how we treat ourselves, has a direct impact on how others treat us. Speak positive things to yourself even when all hope is lost. There is power in our thoughts and our words.

So read these affirmations every day and believe them as you do.

Have a great week.

Mariam Shittu

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