Words of Wisdom To Keep You Motivated

You can either let fear stall you or drive you. Let it drive you.

You can either give up or keep going. Never give up.

You can either tell lies or say the truth. Be truthful.

You can either keep complaining or take action. Take action.

You can either keep quiet or speak up for yourself. Speak up.

You can either believe you are unable or able. You are capable.

You can either pretend or be yourself. Be your true self always.

You can either focus on negatives or choose positives. Think positive.

You can either let your mistakes stop you or move you. Let them move you.

You can either run away from challenges or face them head strong. Face them.

You can either choose to remain ignorant or keep learning. Keep learning.

You can either wallow in sadness or choose to be happy. Choose happiness.

Mariam Shittu


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