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I love pretty spaces that ignite my creative juices and make me feel comfortable as soon as I walk in and Pit Stop Lagos was exactly that for me. Pit Stop Lagos is a sports and fitness inspired cafe in Victoria Island, Lagos that began operations towards the end of last year. I stopped by the cafe last month for lunch with T after searching tirelessly for a new restaurant to visit in Lagos.

The cafe has both outdoor and indoor sitting areas on the ground floor. I love how the entire space was utilized and I especially love the area with the couch and books though I didn’t sit there. I also like the fact that everywhere you look there is something to remind you of sports-it’s a sports cafe after all. There are customized mugs that serve as paper towel holders on every table, framed photographs of sportsmen and women on the walls and sports miniatures as decoration for every table. There’s also a bike shop on the first floor where bicycles and bike gears are sold.







The menu of the cafe was still being designed when we visited so we were given a temporary menu to make our selections from. I like the titles of the food options on the menu, yet another reminder that you’re in a sports cafe but I thought the prices were quite high.


UPDATE: I stopped by again recently (January 2021) and here’s their current menu.



We ordered Rule V (Harden the F**kup) for starters. For mains, T ordered Check Out My Six Packs and I was almost tempted to order the same thing he ordered but I decided to try Hulk Hogan with a side of fries.

Rule V
Check Out My Six Packs
Hulk Hogan & a side of friesย 

I think I ate four out of the five chicken wings because T didn’t fancy them. Chicken Wings are always a fave and these ones were spicy and nice.

T’s meal came way before my food arrived and I had some of his food while I waited for a long time for mine. I’m surprised he was willing to share because the portion was small though it tasted good.

Hulk Hogan was a whole lot of food when it came and I made sure most of it made its way into my stomach๐Ÿ˜‚. I realized I didn’t need the fries when I saw how huge the prawns were but it was too late to make changes to my order so I dove in. Halfway into my meal, I noticed one of my prawns wasn’t grilled right and I made a mental note to tell the Manager/Owner when she came by our table for feedback. She did come by eventually, and we gave her our honest feedback.

Fries ~ 1,000
Rule V ~ 3,500
Hulk Hogan ~ 9,000
Check Out My Six Pack ~ 6,500

As usual, we didn’t do drinks but maybe next time.

UPDATE: During my recent visit (January 2021), I noticed the restaurant had made some changes. First off is their main menu, which I shared above. Also, the restaurant now offers a selection of games to their guests. I played Jenga with my friend, Dami after our delicious meals.ย  Here’s what we ate;

Slow Cooked Beef Brisket with Jollof rice & veggies

Chicken Thigh Burger & Fries

Hot chocolate fondant & salted caramel ice cream

Pit Stop Lagos is a nice place to grab a quick bite or a smoothie, do some work, hang with friends and family or simply just unwind. I recommend Pit Stop Lagos. Out of 10, I rate Pit Stop 9.

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