Can I Walk in Peace?

Since I came out of the compulsory fourteen days quarantine period for recent travellers, I’ve been going for walks around my neighbourhood instead of driving all the way to the Lekki/Ikoyi bridge. I still get my 5km in but I’ve been unable to take a walk alone in peace.

The very first day I started walking around my neighbourhood, I had just successfully walked to the end of my street when a car stopped beside me. I kept on walking and the driver resumed driving at a slower pace. He rolled down his window and proceeded to try to get my attention. In the past, I usually kept hush when this happened but I couldn’t help myself this one time. I had to scold him for trying to chat a girl up during this pandemic. And what was his response? That means I’m not your type, right? I was utterly disappointed. I couldn’t believe that was the best he could come up with.

Every day since then some man has tried to get my attention by honking, saying hello, telling me I’m beautiful or parking his car. I have been irritated and trying to keep my cool but on Tuesday, I had had enough. A car drove past me, then turned around seconds later to be positioned on the side of the road I was walking on and the driver tried to talk to me.

He turned out to be a jalabiya wearing, goatee having with prayer beads around the rearview mirror person. This person was probably a Muslim. It was only two days to Ramadan and instead of preparing for the holy month by minding your business, you decide to bother a girl taking a walk. When she ignores you, you get angry and utter a negative response. Mr Man with the black honda SUV that drove on Babatunde Anjos Street around 6:25pm, what is wrong with you???

Men, catcalling is super disrespectful, distasteful, offensive and unnecessary and not every girl wants to meet a guy this way. If you try your luck because you must and the girl ignores you, please keep moving. She doesn’t have to know you so take your loss and move on like the big man you are instead of uttering negative comments like a kid that didn’t get his lollipop.

Also, it is not everything you see that you need to have.

I’m clearly still upset.

Mariam Shittu

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  1. This is very very annoying. I have been ignoring people since I was in secondary school. Some will even start whispering like an imbecile. It is really distasteful and I can never take you seriously if you do that. Some people meet their suitors on the street so what do I know! 🤦🏽‍♀️

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    1. Lmao, I know people meet people this way. What irked me was the guy’s reaction. I know it is a never-ending thing and I’ve been living with it since. I still ignore and move on as always.


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