POEM| I’ll Never Settle For Less

I’m looking for love
but not just any kind of love 
I want that easy
purposeful and truthful
comfortable and dependable
and insightful
playful and inspiring
endearing and a bit ridiculous

consuming and can’t live without each other love
And I will not settle
because I believe it exists

Mariam Shittu

12 thoughts on “POEM| I’ll Never Settle For Less

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  1. Never settling for less means you know yourself worth *&* know what direction you are traveling in=that you will not shortchange yourself by knowing what to accept or reject out of every contract deal as you pursue your goals, and obtain all out of life that you drive *&* strive to achieve as you drive yourself to bring out your greater self. We at one time or another have been knock off course by the contours of love gone astray that cause much pain explained only in a broken heart, but as we heal we are stronger by the ordeal, and we keep writing *&* create our own private world to live in *&* not merely exist in a world created by others; as we are thankful to God for the world her created for us to live in havens on earth and in heavens in Heaven!!!!!

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  2. “To Love *&* understand Love; Love must be uppermost on your Mind;
    innermost in your Heart; *&* deepermost in your Soul.”_-Van Prince

    ”Quote” from my soon to be published book, *Love In All Intricacies Is Real*

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