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Posh Cafe is a new restaurant in Lekki Phase 1, Lagos. It’s on Admiralty Way at the same building where Warehouse Kitchen used to be. In December, I stopped by Posh Cafe with my younger sister, Lateefah, and here’s what we thought of the space.

As we walked in, we loved the vibrant atmosphere. The restaurant occupies two floors with two sitting areas. The lower floor has a mix of regular dining tables and chairs, and the upper level houses the bar, a bigger lounge, and an outdoor sitting area.

Before my visit, I had no idea the restaurant displayed artworks/paintings for sale, so I was intrigued and spent some time appreciating all the art in my view. We walked upstairs and decided to stay there because it seemed cozier. A waiter showed us to our seats and brought our menus.

The menu is simple and categorized into ten sections. It has both Nigerian meals and Continental dishes, which is a nice blend.

I ordered my go-to drink: Soda water and a shot of lime juice, and Lateefah asked for Cranberry juice. We chose Buffalo chicken wings to start and spent some time deliberating on our main meals. Though the menu was simple, I wanted to explore this day, so I chose a meal from the Fusion category. I decided to try the Cow tail with sweet potato meal while Lateefah asked for the Seafood Spaghetti.

Seafood Pasta
Cow tail & sweet potatoes

Not too long after we placed our orders, our drinks came, then our starter. The chicken wings were tasty, and I ate more pieces than my sister. When my main meal came, I was shocked. I had specifically asked the waiter how the meal came, and he assured me it was a sauce with the sweet potatoes dipped in. If I knew it was basic stew and less than ten pieces of sweet potatoes, I wouldn’t have ordered it.
However, the sweet potatoes were nice and crunchy, and the cow tail was soft. Lateefah was disappointed by the portion of her pasta, and I was as disappointed as her. That meal was tiny (these pictures make it look more than it was). She ate it all and said it was tasty, but she clearly wasn’t satisfied and still needed a whole meal afterward.

As you can already tell, we were not pleased with our meal presentations/portions, and we complained. Before we finished our sentence about the meal portions, the waiter completed it. It implied that they’d had the same complaints from other customers and didn’t bother addressing it. Besides this, our waiter was easily accessible and checked to ensure everything was okay. All waiters wore masks and gloves, and the restaurant observed all other covid-19 protocols.

Soda water & Lime Juice ~ N800
Cranberry Juice x2 ~ N4,000
Buffalo Chicken Wings ~ N4,500
Cowtail with Sweet Potato ~ N6,200
Seafood Spaghetti ~ N5,900
The restaurant does not add VAT and consumption TAX charges to the bill so our total bill was N21,400

Posh Cafe is an excellent spot to grab a quick bite or hang with friends. I see myself eating and working from there soon if they increase their portions. Being surrounded by all the awesome art would be nice for my creative juices.

Out of 10, I rate Posh Cafe 5.

Mariam Shittu

P.S. this is not a sponsored post. All opinions expressed were not influenced.


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  1. Hiya I love your blogs and your right the portions were little which we have sorted out !!! I like Feed back it can only help you improve .. It tasted nice made me happy because I know the chef is great .. so please come back and hopefully you will be happy !!!! All art work is for sale we support all local artists.. thank you

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