Places in Lagos| The Seetle 

The Seetle is a restaurant and co-working space in Ikoyi, Lagos. The restaurant began operations in April of this year, but I didn’t know about them until this month when I stopped by with my friend, A. The restaurant makes its pasta from scratch, and I was excited to try this.  

When we walked into the restaurant, I wondered where the rest of it was. It’s not a big space, but they somehow managed to make it work. If they have an event booking, the restaurant would probably be closed to other customers for that day. The space is decorated and furnished with brown tones giving earthly and minimalist vibes. It’s safe to refer to the Seetle as an Italian cafe in Lagos.

Though the Seetle is a pasta house, their food menu is extensive with many options. It’s inspired by Milan and organized into different categories. I like the drink menu because of the fresh and fizzy section. We both ordered drinks from there—Sparkling Hibiscus for me and Sparkling Cucumber for A.

We knew we were eating pasta, but before going to our main meals, we wanted a complete feel of the restaurant. So, for starters, we chose the potato and gizzard salad and sourdough toast. For mains, I chose the Shrimp Pesto pasta, and A chose the Chicken Alfredo Pasta. 

Sourdough toast

Our drinks were served first. Then the toast arrived next, which we consumed very quickly. It was so good and didn’t need the butter it was served with. 

It felt like it took forever (maybe because I was hungry) for our meals to arrive. My pasta looked delicious, and I was glad it tasted the same. A wasn’t excited about his meal, but I don’t know why because it tasted so good and spicy. I never like creamy pasta, but this hit all the right spots. The portions were huge though it doesn’t look that way because of the plates the meals were served in. 

Shrimp Tomato Pasta
Chicken Alfredo Pasta
Potato & Gizzard Salad

Our Potato and Gizzard salad finally arrived minutes into our main meals. It wasn’t great, and we couldn’t eat it. When the waiter came to ask how everything was, we told him the salad had a confusing taste. I think if it was made with lettuce and less lemon juice, it might have been good. 

We tried to eat as much as we could, but there was no way to finish our meals, so we asked for the plates of pasta to be packed.

For dessert, we were served chocolate cannoli and fresh mint tea on the house. This was nice. 

Overall, we had a good time at The Seetle. The food was good, and the service was decent. Our waiter was readily available and helped with suggestions when we were trying to decide what to order. The restaurant has unique touches like the water jar, the music (Italian of course), the complimentary crackers (not photographed) and bill bottle that you won’t find anywhere else. However, parking is limited. 

Water ~ 672
Toast ~ 1344
Extra Lamb ~ 3360
Chicken Alfredo ~ 7280
Shrimp Tomato Pesto ~7280
Potato & Gizzard Salad ~ 5040
Sparkling Cucumber x2 ~ 4298
Sparkling Hibiscus ~2464

When we got the bill, the prices of the meals on it were slightly higher than those on the menu. I used the prices on the bill for our damage summary. A tax charge was also included, so our total damage was N32,368.

Out of 10, I rate the Seetle a 6.

The Seetle is a great place for a quick lunch, meeting or a private event. I want to try a breakfast meal next. 

Mariam Shittu

P.S. this is not a sponsored post. All opinions expressed were not influenced.

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