Things I’m Doing This Weekend

This weekend, I will rest. I will sleep in, and get out of bed only when I want to.

This weekend, I will finish my current read—Quiet—and start my new read; Traction.

This weekend, I will binge watch shows on Netflix even though I don’t have enough data to last me till the end of the month.

This weekend, I will write. Quotes, stories, short poems, long poems, anything and everything that comes to mind.

This weekend, I will stretch. Getting back to high intensity workouts is doing a number on my body and I need to ease up the tension in my muscles.

This weekend, I will organize my work clothes and try on outfits for the new week. I noticed recently that what I wear affects my mood and whenever I put an extra effort into my pairing, I feel good.

This weekend, I will listen to music and let it take me to places I’d rather not go.

This weekend, I will eat banana bread. It’s been two weeks since the last time and I miss it.

This weekend, I will breathe.

This weekend, I will do me.

Mariam Shittu

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