Prayers You Didn’t Know You Needed (By Hannah Brencher)

Dear God, embed a spirit of rest in me so I can find peace in your plans knowing I am not in charge of holding the world together. Help me to see I don’t need to hustle for approval. I already have it. Let me create, speak, and walk from that place.

Dear God, I want to be completely devoted to the people around me and the ones you will put in my path. I need your help removing whatever stands in the way of that devotion. Have my worry. Have my fear. Have my need to be seen. Have my ruminations and my thoughts gone wild. I’m giving them all to you and I am asking you to give me a laser-like focus for the missions you have for me. Don’t let me miss the missions you kindly wrote for me.

Dear God, I know that you see us. You see every worry, every anxiety, every bit of panic, and every bit of hope we’re holding tight to. Help us to highlight the hope when it would be easier to emphasize fear. Empower each of us to be helpers in places that need them and lights for those who feel stuck in the dark. And if it is me who needs a helper, please send someone to reach back their hand for me. I know you can. I know you will.

Dear God, take away my fear and morph it into love. Remind me not to feed the lions in my brain, the thoughts that want to rip apart all the goodness you’ve placed there. I so badly want to use my best energy to be thankful instead of fearful. Cover my days in real and lasting love. Teach me an anthem of love over fear.

Dear God, whatever the outcome; help us to see You inching closer in the thick of it. Give us a spirit that looks to you when the world is noisy and when hope feels fragile and faint. Give us hearts that seek unity over division, and a need to love over a need to be right. Give us eyes to spot and circle your goodness in the days ahead. Show up, show up, show up.

A Prayer For Healing
Prayer To The Creator

Hanna Brencher is a writer and mental health advocate. She writes books about faith, habits and mental health. I’ve been following her on Instagram for years now and I love all the gems she shares with us especially the prayers. She crafts these prayers herself and they are so unique but yet so relatable and needed. She tells us to steal them and I usually do by taking screenshots. She has written many, but I thought to share these with you today.

Remember that you don’t have to pray a certain way. You can have your personal relationship with our Creator and choose how you communicate.

Feel free to share your crafted prayers in the comments.

Mariam Shittu

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