My 5 Wishes For Christmas

It’s Christmas time again.

The trees are up.
The lights are on.
The theme is fun.
And the parties are nonstop.

When I was younger, my family always celebrated Christmas day at my maternal Grandma’s place. It was a Christmas tradition. We will see cousins, aunties and uncles that we hadn’t seen since the year before and we will all eat, laugh, drink and be merry. We did this every year until she passed.

I hope you’re doing great and the build-up to the holiday season isn’t tiring or overwhelming yet. Don’t forget that this season comes only once a year. So have fun, but also do what makes you happy.

I’ve never made a Christmas wishlist, and I thought it would be fun to do so in the spirit of the holiday season. So here are my five wishes for Christmas;

1. Goodbye to Covid

Covid has held us prisoner for too long, and it’s happening again all over again. I’m tired, and I just want covid to become the regular flu people contract that isn’t life-threatening. That’s not too much to ask, right??? A lot of people I know are getting sick.

2. Finish Furnishing My Apartment

It’s taken me nine months to furnish my apartment, and I still have three major things to do. Let’s not even talk about the decoration aspect yet. It’ll be a miracle if I finish with the furnishing by Christmas, which is just four days away.

3. A Holiday

This is the longest time since I can remember that I’ve stayed put in a country and I need a holiday to relax and get back to myself. It’ll also be nice if I don’t have to pull from my savings for a holiday.

4. Cashhhhhhhhh

I need money. Like $10,000. 2021 was a year of significant adulting experience and back to back bills. Money will definitely take the pain of all my expenses away.

5. Shopping Voucher

There’s no Christmas season without a lot of shopping. So, receiving a shopping voucher will be a nice treat to spice up my holiday.

I had a lot of fun creating a list. You should do this too.

Mariam Shittu

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