My Wishes For October

It’s October and time to make a wish. Here are my wishes for October and the rest of the year.

I wish for fun. Pure undiluted fun, not fun with overpowering doubt and underlining fear. Fun without worries. Fun without pain. Fun with premium joy and enjoyment. Fun with lots of happiness and merriment.

I wish for peace. Unexplainable peace that’ll give me strength and hope for better days ahead. Peace that’ll improve my confidence, abilities and tenacity. Peace that’ll keep me focused and prepared. Peace that’ll make the whispers unimportant and the insomnia rest.

I wish for opportunities. Real-time opportunities from new and old connections. To be at the right place at the right time and to say the right things among the right people. To recognize opportunities when they come my way and use them to my advantage. To position myself to be ready, see the opportunities and claim them for myself.

I wish for love. Real love. Pure love. True love. Soft love. Easy love. Unforced love. Understanding love. Patient love. Unquestionable love. The best kind of love.

I wish for clarity. Clarity on my career, my business, my relationships and my decisions. Clarity on my goals, my flaws and my path. Clarity that will transform my life in the direction I need to get ahead. Clarity that will make me identify the bad and remove it from my life. Clarity that will make me choose right.

I hope all my wishes get granted.

Mariam Shittu

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