Places in Lagos| Sugercane Restaurant 

I love eating out (hahaha). I’m a foodie, a proud one at that. Trying to be money smart in addition to this fitfam life now limits me but doesn’t stop me. I thought about writing about my experiences eating out and I’m starting with Sugercane because I was there recently.

I’ve been to Sugercane twice with family. I must say when you enter you get a cafeteria vibe because of the way the setting is. However, the food and the service is not that of a cafeteria’s.

I started with hummus because it had been so long since I had it.

Then the best fresh apple juice I’ve ever had.

My meal-  Prawns, sweet potatoes and veg. It was so good but I couldn’t have it all in one sitting.

My brother’s meal

My sister in law’s meal

Rice lovers? They had almost the same meal(rice &veggies) but he had fish while she had chicken.

I love the massive plates they use and the presentation with the sprinkled green thing (not sure what it is).

I look forward to going there on a cheat day and having a meal on the breakfast menu because they looked so interesting.

Takeaway pack for the win!!! My next day lunch.

Photos were taken with my Iphone6s- I could only get good close range shots.


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