My Makeup Routine

I don’t wear makeup everyday but when I decide to, It takes me about 15 minutes to do my makeup. I’ve only had my makeup done by a make up artiste thrice.

•Mary Kay medium coverage foundation( Bronze 500)

•Milani minerals compact powder(108 Medium)

•PS Foundation brush

•Brown Eyeliner pencil(No 18)

•Zaron Concealer(NZ10)

•Zaron Eyeliner pencil( EZ black velvet)

•Zaron Eyebrow Definer

•Zaron spoolie

•Maybelline Lash sensational mascara

•Mac lipstick(velvet teddy)

STEP 1: I start by applying the foundation with the brush on my whole face.

I’ve tried different foundations; Mac, Blackup, Milani but I came back to marykay because its less oily.

STEP 2: I apply my powder

STEP 3: I brush my eyebrows and draw an outline with the brown eye pencil.

STEP 4: I use the zaron eyebrow definer to make my eyebrows fuller.

STEP 5: I use the concealer on top and under my eyebrows to define them.

The eyebrows truly define the face. Just look at the difference! My eyebrows are still a work in progress… Sometimes, they are almost perfect and other times, they are just okay like here.

STEP 6: I use the black eye pencil on my eyelid and waterline.

STEP 7: I apply two coats of mascara

STEP 8: I apply my nude lipstick(velvet teddy)

When I’m heading out at night or during the weekend, I add some eyeshadow and wear a pop of colour on my lips.

There you go.


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