Places in Lagos|B.L. Restaurant

It’s time to talk about food again!!! B.L. is a fine dining restaurant located in Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria. Before this day, I had been there twice. So when my friend said we were coming here, It meant it wasn’t only me that knew it was a good spot.

It has enough room to seat a whole lot of people both in and outdoor. I’ve never sat outside though because the vibe inside is really mellow.

The service has never defaulted and the ambience is really cool. If u want a quiet place to chill and talk or family time, this is the place for you.

I really liked this!

We didn’t order starters so we got complimentary breadsticks.

What I had – Chicken Caesar Salad

What my friend had – Beef Shishlik

I chose this meal for him by the way because he was having a hard time deciding and I had it before and knew he would enjoy it. It felt good to make decisions quickly for once.

While we were eating, there was a family of about 8 or 9 that came in. They already knew what they wanted. They actually took out their phones and went back to their old snaps to show the waiters what they had the last time.

It’s a nice place to go to if u like Italian and Lebanese food. I’m certain that everyone that has ever been here will always want to go back.

Visit B.L. Restaurant if you’re a fellow foodie like me and thank me later.

*photo of external view from @blrestaurant
*other photos were taken with my Iphone 6s


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  1. Yum. Lovely place. When I had the complementary breadsticks was 100% the meal would be yum and it was. The service was amazing and I remember the waiter had to help us enjoy our food even better by sorting my over active nephew. lol can’t wait to visit again.

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