Kimono + Leggings

Happy Easter everyone. For this post, I’m talking about an outfit I wore out sometime last week, in the evening.

I bought this Kimono from a tailor friend here in Lagos about two years ago. I paired it with a cami and leggings.

It’s easy to pair a kimono because you don’t need to pay much attention to what is going on inside as it more obvious than what is on the inside. Something black is always my go-to though. Besides the fact that black is one of my favourite colours, its also safe.

I added a girly touch to it with my fur sandals. This style is trendy at the moment.

The sun was about to set so I couldn’t get great pictures but I thought to still share this look incase there’s anyone out there that had been wondering how to pair a long jacket or kimono and was yet to figure it out.

Outfit Details;

Kimono ~ Emmy Mor Clothing
Shoes ~ Zara

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