HEALTH|My Battle To Eat Healthy

I struggle to eat healthy everyday. Its so hard sometimes and you need all the strength in the world to stay on the right path. If I wanna make a salad, I spend a long time chopping vegetables. I would have made noodles and finished eating in the time I’m still chopping.

On a typical work day, I have fruit ‘n fibre cereal, tuna sandwich or a salad for brunch and I snack on groundnut, granola, roasted plantain or fruit. My colleagues have two meals during that time and the aroma of whatever they order doesn’t help at all.

I don’t eat what everyone eats at home and I’m used to it. Most times, I have to make my own meals and eating healthy can be more expensive. I have a cheat day once a week where I can splurge. So when I’m thinking of going off course, I look forward to this day and keep going.

In the end, I’m happy with my results and my eating habit. I can’t believe I turn down cake and choose either skimmed milk or almond milk over regular milk. It takes a lot of inner strength like I said earlier but if you are doing it for yourself nothing is gonna stop you from achieving what you want.

I still eat alot of food that is considered unhealthy like irish potatoes. I was also told today that my cereal option is not healthy and the only cereal I can take is granola.

One step at a time though.


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