POEM|The Unwanted Visitor 

Go away
I don’t want you here

You always come unexpected 
Creeping in slowly

You always come when you want to
Bringing me pain

I try to cure you
But you leave only when you want to

I think you are relentless
Because you keep coming back

When you are here
I can’t concentrate 

When you are with me
I’m not myself

I turn off the lights 
So I can accommodate you

I put my head down
So I can make room for you

It’s hard to explain you 
Because you are not visible

Please leave
Because you are not wanted

Go away Migraine 
So I can live my life

Written by Mariam Shittu


Photo Source : Pinterest

12 thoughts on “POEM|The Unwanted Visitor 

  1. You actually dedicated a poem to your migraine!!! Sorry, I can’t begin to imagine the pain🤗.
    This is so well written though. Now I look forward to poetry Tuesdays on your blog.

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